Anderson Andrews

"Tonight, my eyes would open to a new era in American history that was just beginning to unfold. I could barely feel it’s ever-growing vibration, but I was certain … that there were millions of others just like me … who were feeling the same sound of a different drum beating in the winds."
"I was a stranger in a strange land, with a lot of strange looking people, staring at me from their porches. I wasn’t sure if I could handle the next two years. A few small tears of loneliness rolled down my face as I passed by rows of cow-dung houses … and packs of wild barking dogs."
"Yes, one thing about me … I was a damn good lawyer. 
I never lost a single case during my twenty years as an attorney, but it probably had something to do with the fact that I’d learned to speak with angels … and they often gave me assistance … throughout my entire career."
Gerald came out to see why my secretary was yelling at me. After looking into my office and seeing the leftovers from last night's party he noted, “Looks like you got your hand caught inside the old cookie jar.” Sherry just sneered and replied, “It wasn’t his hand … and it wasn’t a cookie jar.” 
"I had died. I was no longer the person I'd been, or could never be again. Death means ‘change,’ it's transformation. As a fully-realized being … I knew it was possible to totally re-create my reality, and become someone else. Thank God, I had a 400-year-old Scottish spirit to assist me."
 Some people say ... "Life on Earth is like a global prison; and it is only death that finally sets us free." Someday, you may be thankful that you have this special friend, whose name is Death, who is willing to release you from your pain, allow you to die ... and experience your true freedom.
"Everything you’ve ever experienced, or felt emotionally, is stored deep within your cellular memory," he said to them. "In this New Age, you’re being given the opportunity to allow what no longer serves you to be released ... but to do that, requires that you be in full conscious awareness."
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The nice thing about death, is that it sets you free. Now, Andy sets out to create a whole new life.
Having a proper understanding of Death is an integral part of one's journey into Mastery
The last Avatar this world will ever see is here. The question is, will they listen to what he has to say?
This is a book about sexual healing, which is something this world really needs right now.
What goes up,  
must come down. Twenty years as a lawyer, can be like a roller coaster.
Journey to one of the most remote places on the planet and the discovery of 
Tibetan Buddhism
Re-live the most exciting decade in the history of America ... it was 'The Sixties'