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Anderson Andrews 
  The author at Scotland’s 'Standing Stones' in November 2000

Just as Edmond Dantès became the Count of Monte Cristo 
after finding a hidden fortune on that island. Anderson Andrews also found treasure at the Standing Stones of Machrie Moor, 
and became the Count of the Isle of Arran. It wasn’t gold, but rather...the determination he received from the ‘Spirits of Arran’ to continue writing his novels, and to re-create his reality.

From his Book: A Conscious Transformation
Scheduled for release the first week of August 2018

Experience the Literary Works of ... Anderson Andrews 
Anderson Andrews began writing novels in 2001. In 2003 he created Transformational Novels ... which now represents seventeen years of creative expression, specifically dedicated to books that can unlock potentials, expand awareness, and change consciousness. In addition to a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, he holds a Master's in International Affairs and a Law Degree. He also has more than forty-five-years of experience in metaphysics, occult studies, shamanism, Buddhism, spiritual development, personal growth, self-healing, herbology, world travel, end-of-life training, hypnosis, afterlife recollection, and past-life-regression.
To attain wholeness and balance involves not only embracing the 'Light' that you are, but to also accept your your 'inner-darkness.' (Anderson Andrews)
These five novels are a five-book a 'pentalogy series' of memoirs that recount more than fifty years of the not-so-ordinary life of one of the most unique characters you'll ever read about. It's a 'Journey into Mastery' that you can share. The other two books supplement the series by delving even deeper into the mind of the author. Each book can be read separately, however, it's recommended they all be read in order to grasp the totality of the information presented.
The sum total of all of my books, 
The Literary Works of Anderson Andrews 
represent my own personal journey into Mastery, or what's known as 'Embodied Enlightenment,'
which is told in a pentalogy series of five fictional novels that cover the years 1963 to 2014 (50-years).
The best way I knew to share this truly remarkable experience with you was to write these books as a fictional series based on true events.  You'll not only enjoy reading them, but transform & heal in the process.
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