Our world is waiting. Nothing changes until we do. Our world is also evolving, and our active participation is an integral part of that evolution. For us to have a positive future requires more than simply 'being awake' ... we must still get out of bed!
Waking up is just the first initiation for humanity ... the second, and perhaps the most important ... is one's commitment to serve, and to make the world a better place.
As creator beings, it's our conscious creations and guardianship that will make it so.

Your support in purchasing our books is appreciated. Innovative and inspiring works such as these often go unnoticed simply because the author's books are not sold on the shelves of national bookstores by a large publishing firm ... but fulfillment still comes for those who are willing to 'live on the edge' in pursuit of their personal truth, rather than perform only within the known limits. It's the freedom we have as Indie Authors and something that many other creatives, with their multiple accountabilities,  are just not allowed. When we have the freedom to write about life as it really is, without a more worldly publisher looking over our shoulder, telling us what we must, or must not say ... it creates a responsibility to not step back into a more creative comfort zone ... but instead, to say whatever we damn-well-please.
I urge anyone who has this precious freedom  ... to go ahead and take the chance ... knowing they are helping to get this world unstuck ... and creating much-needed change.

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We will be adding BLOGS and other articles ... such as; 'The Seven Initiations' ... metaphysics, miracles, and magic ... and the need for prison reform.
Please stay tuned and come back to visit us often.

Anderson Andrews is the creator of Transformational Novels, writing books that awaken and activate consciousness for people from all walks of life.
He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Master's Degree in International Public Administration, and a Doctorate Degree in Law. He traveled around the world after living in the country of Nepal for two-years as a Peace Corps Volunteer ... then he raised a family and worked for the U.S. Government as an administrator for an ‘offender rehabilitation’ project in New York. Years later, he became a civil and criminal trial lawyer which lasted for over 20-years. During all this time, he was also a student and teacher of eastern religions, metaphysics, and sacred traditions ... which by now has culminated in more than 50-years of experience. Because his books were written with the assistance of his Archangelic companion, he shares a broad range of unique revelations, knowledge, truths, and wisdom with his readers. A New Age has arrived ... but most of humanity doesn't know what to do with the new energies that are here. It's about the creation of a 'new Earth' ... attaining enlightenment ... learning to ‘live love’ every day … and allowing all beings who are here to be happy.
That's what you'll find in his books ... at